At Hinkley High School, the Physical Education Department is committed to keeping kids healthy by providing students with the skills necessary to stay physically active and make good choices around their health and wellness.
Please use the following links to help you understand the Colorado Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards, as well as, grading policies for Aurora Public Schools. Included are samples of Rubrics that are currently in use for Hinkley High School Health & Physical Education students.

Colorado Comprehensive Health & Physical Education Standards

Standard 1: Movement Competence and Understanding (PE)
Standard 2: Physical and Personal Wellness (Health & PE)
Standard 3: Emotional and Social Wellness (Health & PE)
Standard 4: Prevention and Risk Management (Health & PE)

High School Physical Education Standards

High School Health Education Standards

Aurora Public Schools Grading Policies

Student Learning Objectives and daily Success Criteria are used to determine if students are learning and able to show proficiency in the concepts and skills introduced in all Physical Education courses. These formative and summative grades are the types of grades that can be seen in the Infinite Campus grade book.

Marks indicate levels of proficiency on individual assessments and are recorded in teacher grade book.
Capital letters indicate summative assessments.
Lower case letters indicate formative assessments.
Partially Proficient

No Evidence

At the end of each Quarter, the above marks are transferred into traditional letter grades that can be seen as final Quarter Grades on a student's transcript.

Grade book marks are converted to a single letter grade for eligibility and quarterly reports. Grades are recorded on an official student transcript.
The student consistently and independently demonstrates proficient and advanced understanding in course concepts and skills in a variety of assessments.
The student independently demonstrates proficiency in course concepts
and skills in a variety of assessments.
The student demonstrates proficiency in course concepts and skills with teacher and peer support.
The student demonstrates limited understanding and application of course content and skills and is making progress toward proficiency.
The student has shown insufficient evidence to gauge understanding or progress.

Hinkley High School Health & Physical Education Grading

On a daily basis students in Health & Physical Education are expected to be active participants in class, both physically and mentally. Students are graded using a variety of tools to assess their learning and progression towards proficiency. In addition to formative and summative assessments, basic rubrics have been developed as a guideline to explain what a student at each level looks like, regardless of the course they are enrolled in.

In addition to the basic rubrics above, more specific rubrics used to understand expectations and "look-fors" for each Physical Education course can be found under each teacher's link.