2017-18 Planning Periods: 1 & 6

Health & Activity for Life

This comprehensive Health and Physical Education class is designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills that are necessary to live physically active and healthy lives. The goal of this class is to create a foundation of health and physical education concepts and principles that students can use and grow with for a lifetime of healthy living.

Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports was developed as a class for students who wanted to focus in on the rules, tactics and camaraderie of team sports. In addition to skills; strategy, competition, fair play and teamwork will be addressed using the Sport Education Model Curriculum. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the tactics used to compete and the various roles that individuals play as part of a team dynamic. Several sports "seasons" will be introduced, practices will take place, competitions will be held and each season will then culminate with a championship event so that students can take part in all aspects of the competitive sports experience.

Strength & Conditioning

This course will provide the foundation to further develop health and skilled related components of physical fitness. The emphasis will be on proper lifting techniques, spotting techniques, cardiovascular fitness, power, strength, and endurance drills.